Health is my passion. I strongly believe in nature’s power to communicate and heal. A bout of illness is our body’s way to make us pay attention, just as a moment of radiance is the world telling us we are doing OK. While remaining grounded in the present, I have energy to share and am UNSTOPPABLE, so I must be doing something right ;)

This back-to-basics relationship with nature requires authenticity… And honesty is my middle name! This is how I raise my 3 kick ass kids. Our family is strong and sensitive. We eat well, laugh a lot and our pharmacy is nature.

Through Luxso, I wish to further this philosophy into the animal realm. Just like us, pets cannot be the best version of themselves if they are fuelled by garbage. Thanks to food in its purest form, your pet can thrive in style. 

I am proud to own and operate a Canadian business, and strongly encourage other local businesses.

Nancy Pelchat
Top Dog Boss Babe